About Earwolf

Earwolf is a company devoted to creating the best, funniest digital content in the world, created by comedy mastermind Scott Aukerman (“Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis”, IFC) & mysterious business-mensch Jeff Ullrich.

We create and produce original comedy programs distributed through mobile (iPhone App, Android App on the way, iPod, iPad, mp3 players), the web (www.earwolf.com) and external digital (iTunes, Zune) platforms. We used to be called podcasters, but now we are considered digital content creators.

The people we work with are the best and funniest Hollywood has to offer, and that’s no lie. Everyone from Ben Stiller, to Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, to “Weird Al” Yankovic have passed through our doors and become part of the Earwolf family.

Earwolf is trying to change the world.  We are disrupting several industries with our unique vision for how content, community, technology and transparency can combine to create something remarkable.  And we’re glad you are joining us!


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