05/01/15 TWO CHARTED 169

Who Charted? #230.5 May 1, 2015

On this week’s Two Charted, Kulap and Stard listen as Howard regales them with the tale of his trip to the Griffith Observatory, and why it was a little better than a Nazi museum. Then, Stard makes everything right in the world when he explains how the Griffith Observatory plans to make itself infinitely better than a Nazi museum. Additionally, the gang discusses Sizzler’s perfect commercial, circa 1991, which spawns an impromptu segment of Charted Shark Tank. Additionally, the gang opens gifts from Chartists, talks about their most recent baby showers, and reveals the quintessential place for Kulap to conceive a child. Lastly, Stard explains to Kulap and Howard just how unique their demographic is.

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