11 Under-the-Radar Comics That Ought To Be Amazing Movies

The Cracked Podcast #202 September 11, 2017

Another summer in the books, another summer of somewhat pleasing comic book movies. Wonder Woman was good! So was Spiderman! Guardians of the Galaxy was…a movie! What’s next? Oh no. Don’t say it. 

Justice League. [cue the sound of failure from The Price is Right]

All we’re saying is there are tons of great indie comics and obscure graphic novels that would make awesome movies that aren’t necessarily about super-powered people. So that’s what we’re talking about on this week’s podcast.

Alex Schmidt is joined by Cracked’s resident comic experts Michael Swaim and Randall Maynard to pitch movie versions of 11 of their favorite un-adapted comics, including the Jodorowsky/Moebius collaboration that Luc Besson should’ve made before Valerian, a graphic novel that’s Casper the Friendly Ghost meets Lord of the Rings, and the Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) series that should get a adapted next.


Links, sources and footnotes: https://goo.gl/PvpZHu

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