3/21/14 TWO CHARTED 111

Who Charted? #172.5 March 21, 2014

It’s time for Two Charted with your Kuku, Kulap, and your wie wie, my wie wie, our wie wie, Wie Wie, plus Stard is back!¬†On this episode, Howard explains his approach to helping his friends move, really sticks it to technology, and recounts his trials and tribulations at SXSW. Hipster dudes, find a new watering hole! Kulap counts down the Top 5 names of her family, and talks about her fears and hesitations during this important moment in her life. Before you tune into this episode of “Keeping up with the Ku-dashians”, make sure to send positive vibes to Kulap to, in the wise words of Howard, “make her trip rewarding, majestic, and safe”. Plus, they get some GIFTS!

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