6 Movies Based on ‘True Stories’ That Were Full of Shit

The Cracked Podcast #87 September 21, 2015

As we’ve pointed out many times before, just because a movie advertises itself as “based on a true story,” that doesn’t mean you should take anything that happens in the movie for fact. We’re good at spotting the dichotomy with insane horror movies that sell themselves as “inspired by actual events.” We know that in real life the doll doesn’t actually come alive and gore the family to death; that it’s a construction of the horror movie genre. But why, when it’s a biopic or a historical drama, do we automatically assume that we’re essentially watching a documentary with contemporary actors?

This week guest host Dan O’Brien is joined by author Liana Maeby and Cracked editor Josh Sargent to discuss the weird relationship between truth and fiction, expectation and reality, and movies that changed the real stories that inspired them for better or worse — usually worse.

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