Henry Winkler, John Ross Bowie, Erinn Hayes

Private: Reading Aloud #8 January 16, 2015

Nate welcomes his good friend & return guest John Ross Bowie in the studio to read “Jesus Shaves” by David Sedaris. Then, Nate is joined by the great Henry Winkler to talk about his children’s book series Hank Zipzer, his time studying at Yale School of Drama, feeling like his life started at 26, being diagnosed as dyslexic at 31, and what makes a good children’s book. Finally, Jess Walter’s “How To Be A Man” is read by the amazing Erinn Hayes. Don’t forget to grab a copy of Denis Johnson’s “The Laughing Monsters” and send in your thoughts on the book at readingaloudpodcast@gmail.com. Also, come to first LIVE show of the new year on Sunday, January 25th at 7:30pm at UCB-Franklin in Los Angeles. Get tickets at www.ucbtheatre.com!

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