8/1/14 TWO CHARTED 130

Who Charted? #191.5 August 1, 2014

Brett Brett is back with your hosts, KuKu and Howt-of-it, and their special guest Roman Sklar, on this week’s Two Charted! Tune in to hear Howard talk about bonding with Ben Stiller at the Meltdown, the possibility of making music video for ‘Gu-Cruise’, and how Weird Al is his ‘Delilah’. Plus, Kulap talks about entertaining in her new home for the first time, getting her musical fix on, and last weekend’s incredible Netflixapalooza. When you’re done listening to this episode, please pray for Howard’s internet so he doesn’t have to call Oliver from Linksys again. We thank you for your service!

Don’t forget to swim over to howardkremer.bandcamp.com and pick up your copy of ‘Summah This, Summah That’ to enjoy the only important season, Summah!

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