8/22/14 TWO CHARTED 133

Who Charted? #194.5 August 22, 2014

Howard teases us with some sexiness, Kulap recalls bursting into tears thanks to a chartist, and Ramhand is Ramhand on this week’s TWO CHARTED! Howard explains why you should Think Before You Spit in another edition of How To Act, finally understands when others can’t understand him in another Blame it on the Weed moment, and gives an update on the clench as he counts down his Wieek That Was. Then, Kulap tells us about popping new muscles she’s never popped before, meeting another family member for the first time, and Scotty Too Hotty winning an Emmy during her Wieek That Was chart. Plus, WE GOT SOME SUMMAH GIFTS!!!


Be sure to check out the new trailer for Kulap’s documentary, Origin Story at http://www.originstorydoc.com/, and support the project by going to it’s Indiegogo fundraising page: igg.me/at/originstorydoc.  Don’t forget to follow us on twitter and facebook and #FF @originstorydoc!


Plus, pick up ‘Summah This, Summah That’ at http://howardkremer.bandcamp.com/album/summah-this-summah-that and head to http://teespring.com/gucruiseshirt to pick up your very own Gu Cruise T-shirt.


Don’t miss Howard’s glowing endorsement of Origin Story, available on YouTube. http://youtu.be/ZfODbxdgXSs

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