9/19/14 TWO CHARTED 137

Who Charted? #198.5 September 19, 2014

On this week’s Two Charted, Kulap counts down her ‘Thank You’s for everyone who helped her with her Indie GoGo project (Donate Now! It’s your last day!) before jetting out early to be a big time movie actress, Gian Carlo tries to drop off a special package, and Howard and Brett give the listeners a little bonus material. Tune in to hear Howard’s pick for the first female president, discussion on the two opposite ends of the spectrum (Dental Work & Hawaii), Howard’s run down of the incredible Oddball Fest, and details about Brett and Howard’s future music making plans. Plus, they got some GIFTS! Now, let’s go get some lunch.

Be sure to check out the new trailer for Kulap’s documentary, Origin Story at http://www.originstorydoc.com/, and support the project by going to it’s Indiegogo fundraising page ASAP: igg.me/at/originstorydoc. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and #FF @originstorydoc!

Plus, pick up ‘Summah This, Summah That’ at http://howardkremer.bandcamp.com/album/summah-this-summah-that and head to http://teespring.com/gucruiseshirt to pick up your very own Gu Cruise T-shirt.

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