Aaron Lammer, Co-Founder of Longform.org and host of Stoner

The Wolf Den #122 July 6, 2017

Aaron Lammer, co-host of the Longform Podcast, joins Chris Bannon on the Wolf Den. The two discuss the creation and evolution of the innovative website Lammer helped co-found, Longform.org, and how podcasting fits into his vision of the site’s future. Lammer also talks about the decision to start a brand new show, Stoner, which highlights the ways in which creativity and pot successfully co-exist. He also addresses the challenges of pot-related-podcast advertising: what do you do when the subject of your show is illegal in most states?

This episode is brought to you by Shutterstock (www.shutterstock.com/WOLFDEN) and Podcast Advertising Works: How to Turn Engaged Audiences Into Loyal Customers.

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