Alex Blumberg, Co-founder and CEO of Gimlet Media

The Wolf Den #77 April 16, 2015

Public radio veteran Alex Blumberg returns to The Wolf Den, nearly a year after he told then-host Jeff Ullrich about his plans for a new podcasting company. Now Alex is the co-founder and CEO of Gimlet Media, which produces the popular StartUp and ReplyAll podcasts. He documented the founding and the process of raising $1.5 million in capital on the first season of StartUp. Alex tells Adam that the events of the last year have been “shocking,” and recounts the ways in which things turned out how he expected, and the outcomes that surprised him. He and Adam discuss how the breakout podcasts “Serial” and “Invisibilia” have raised the bar for the medium, and why rapid audience growth really qualifies podcast companies as true start ups. Alex also explains the choice to be so personally revealing on StartUp, and the point at which he knew the show and the company was succeeding. He also reveals some teasers about what to expect in the second season of StartUp, which debuts April 23. 

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