Anne Wootton, Pop Up Archive CEO & Co-Founder

The Wolf Den #93 November 26, 2015

With all the podcasts and audio content being produced, how do we make it more searchable, findable, and shareable, and then preserve it for the ages? Pop Up Archive is a start-up aiming to address those challenges. Anne Wootton is the company’s co-founder and CEO, and she joins Adam to discuss Pop Up Archive’s services and approach to growing podcasting. She explains how the company transcribes audio into searchable text that’s also time-indexed, and what kinds of uses that data can be used for, like making audio more shareable. To illustrate, Anne details results from tests Pop Up Archive has been running on audio excerpts of different lengths shared on Twitter. Because she is working both with tech investors and the podcast community, Anne also shares her insights on how podcasting can advance as an industry, and what opportunities exist for podcast producers to grow their audience.

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