Bad Jobs That Teach You Amazing Things

The Cracked Podcast #43 August 11, 2014

Ever wonder if your garbageman is secretly judging you for your trash? Or, whether that trucker passing by can see you and your spouse fiddling with each other’s dangly-bits? The answer to both of those terrible questions is, “yes.” Cracked’s spent the last year-and-change talking to people with jobs you never see in the movies, or read about in the paper. Ever wonder what life’s like for a SeaWorld trainer? Or, the lady who plays Snow White at Disney World? The answer to both is, “drenched in sweat and surrounded by aggressively drunk people.”


On today’s podcast, Cracked editors Jack O’Brien, Dan O’Brien and Robert Evans talk about the unsung heroes of our world: the bold men and women selling camouflaged drugs to people in jerk-off booths or having sex on camera for your amusement. Curious about life surrounding knife-wielding prisoners? We’ve got the wild stories of a former prison guard. Want to know if our future drone operators will be watching you have sex? They will! And, we’ll tell you why. For these horrible truths and so, so many more, throw on your headphones and click play above.


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