Bonnie (Christa Miller’s mom)

We Called Your Mom #20 January 4, 2021

We got to talk to a supermodel! Bonnie Trompeter is an American icon in the world of modeling, but her proudest role is being the mother of actress Christa Miller, who you know as Kate O’Brien on The Drew Carey Show, Jordan Sullivan on Scrubs and Ellie Torres on Cougar Town. Bonnie graced the cover of Life Magazine at age 14 and was followed for two months as the magazine observed the “life of an American teenager.” This was the beginning of Bonnie’s successful modeling career; she appeared on the cover of Redbook, Seventeen and Bride’s Magazine. Christa followed Bonnie’s lead and did some modeling when she was only 6 months old for Wonder Bread and even joined her Mom on the cover of Redbook!

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