Chris Morrow, Loud Speakers CEO & Co-Founder

The Wolf Den #80 May 28, 2015

Loud Speakers Network co-founder and CEO Chris Morrow joins Adam for an interview that is a must-listen for anyone who has wanted to know how a successful podcast network finds talent and develops shows. Loud Speakers is a hip-hop and urban focused network that started with the Combat Jack Show, hosted by Combat Jack (a/k/a Reggie Osse) who is regarded as the “Charlie Rose of Hip-Hop.” Chris tells Adam the kind of shows and talent that Loud Speakers is looking for, holding up the hosts of The Read, Crissle and Kid Fury, as examples of fresh, honest, and authentic voices who have attracted a large and loyal audience. Adam asks Chris about his network’s process for developing new shows, which prompts a discussion about both the hard work required and the satisfaction of seeing them come to fruition. This leads to them talking about the constant struggle of balancing a strong brand identity with the flexibility to take on new subjects. Finally, Chris shares his hard-won advice for podcasters looking to launch new shows or start their own networks.

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