Conspiracies About The Most Famous Murders in US History

The Cracked Podcast #123 May 16, 2016

When you picture a serial killer, what do you think of? Do you think of Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant and sophisticated doctor who treats murder with the joy of a foodie at a gourmet mac & cheese bar? Or do you think of John Doe from ‘Seven’, a man who goes out of his way to create the most elaborately constructed crime scenes in order to make a thematic point to the police?

Either way, you’re probably imagining someone way more competent than an actual serial killer. Real murder is messy, and the real reason serial killers get away with what they do is because they’re brilliant at feigning human emotion. Evil, yes, but they’re not super-geniuses, laughing maniacally at a collage of pictures and string on a wall.

On this week’s episode, Jack O’Brien is joined by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the hosts of the podcast ‘My Favorite Murder’ ( to discuss the common assumptions we get wrong about serial killers, theories surrounding the JFK, RFK, and JonBenet Ramsey murders and, of course, some of their favorite murder stories.


– HBO’s Tales of the Grim Sleeper:

– Popular Crime by Bill James:

– The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule:

– The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout:

– Nikolai Dzhumagaliev (Metal Fang):

– Metal Fang Escapes:

– Latest DNA Evidence in JonBenet Ramsey Case:

– Possible CIA Involvement in RFK Assassination:

– Lost RFK Photos:

– Souflikar the Strangling Executioner:

– Hinterkaifeck Urban Legend:

– Cropsey:

– Woman Fed Her Own Dog:

– Hikers Killed in Avalanche:

– Woman Murdered in Penn State Library:

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