Epic Lives of People You’ve Never Heard Of

The Cracked Podcast #33 May 5, 2014

With all respect to Chuck Norris, has he ever carved his way out of an ice cave with an ice pick made of his own poop? Did Clint Eastwood ever kill a deer from 600 yards away … with a pistol? Can Liam Neeson be credited with having saved A BILLION LIVES?


The answer to all of these is undoubtedly no. But we know dudes (and ladies!) who have.


Co-hosts Jack O’Brien and Michael Swaim are joined by columnists Soren Bowie and Robert Evans to take a trip through history discussing the badasses that we never hear about — from the primordial badasses who we’re all genetically related to to a 20th century explorer who amputated his own foot with a hammer.


Throw on your headphones and click play above. We promise to give you stories that’ll put Chuck Norris to shame.


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