Dave Barry On Why Florida Is So Weird

The Cracked Podcast #72 May 4, 2015

Dave Barry spent over 20 years of his life writing a nationally syndicated humor column every single week like clockwork. Over that span, he appeared in over 500 newspapers, wrote 30 books and won a Pulitzer Prize. And while he’s now technically retired from his column at the Miami Herald, he still publishes books every year at the same clip.

Now we live in a different world for humor writing. While the best comedians write for television and give away half of their jokes for free on Twitter, Dave is one of the last colossi of a fading art, whose influence on comedy and this very website is unmistakable.

Cracked editors Jack O’Brien and Soren Bowie sit down for a long-form conversation with Dave about his new book, Live Right And Find Happiness (Although Beer is Much Faster), how he managed to find inspiration for his weekly column, the relationship between comedy and free speech, and the irrefutable weirdness of Florida.

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