Design Tricks Marketers Use To Control Your Mind

The Cracked Podcast #118 April 11, 2016

If you’re afraid big corporations will one day try to beam ideas directly into your mind, too late. They’ve been doing this for years and you haven’t even noticed it. Think about your grocery store. Right after you walk in, there’s probably fresh flowers and produce. That’s because supermarkets know that if you see fresh stuff when you walk in, you’ll want to buy more food. There are subtle design features built into almost every facet of day-to-day life that are specifically engineered to get you to think a certain way, behave a certain way, and buy more stuff. This might sound like the ravings of someone whose car is covered in conspiracy theory bumper stickers, but once you start to notice the patterns and the reasoning, you’ll see it everywhere.This week Jack O’Brien and Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) discuss how supermarkets, car companies, local governments and more use mind control every day without you even realizing it.


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