Horrifying Things Implied By Famous Movies

The Cracked Podcast #80 July 20, 2015

Think about every time a movie villain asks the hero something like, “you and what army?” You know what happens next: a door opens, a roof explodes, or the camera pushes out the window to show, you guessed it, our hero’s army. Maybe it’s the rest of the Avengers, maybe an actual army, or maybe just our hero’s muscle.

It’s a clever reveal in the moment, but think about it realistically. Does that mean if Tony Stark is chatting with Loki and that moment is about to happen, are the rest of the Avengers just hiding in a lobby somewhere waiting for their cue? Maybe they’re in a broom closet, ears pressed to the door. What if no one asks, “you and what army?” Is there a contingency plan for dramatically revealing yourself?

Every movie is full of logic gaps like these where, for the sake of time or dramatic tension or comedy, the audience is spared the mundane or absurd reality of a situation. This week on the podcast, Jack O’Brien is joined by Cracked editors Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) and Tom Reimann to discuss 6 observational pet peeves that will change how you watch all movies.

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