Insane Deleted Scenes from History

The Cracked Podcast #52 November 3, 2014

‘Historical fiction’ is almost always more of the latter than the former: so much history just doesn’t look very interesting onscreen. But our passion for only the screen-friendly bits of the past means we often wind up with a much more boring and less accurate mental image of historic events.


Any WWII film set in Germany paints all the people as part of a hive mind set on world domination. But what if we told you the National Socialist Party never won a single election with more than 42% of the vote? The real Nazi party was much smaller than we tend to remember — but it was also way crazier. From Hitler’s nerdy obsession with fantasy books to Himmler’s attempts to resurrect the dead, the Third Reich was much LARP-ier than you’ve been lead to expect.


This week, Jack O’Brien, Soren Bowie, Michael Swaim, Robert Evans and JF Sargent talk about the flip sides to well-known historic moments that Hollywood left out.


We’ll also talk about ‘Little House on the Prairie’, the TV show and set of children books about a little family that could out on the American frontier. The one thing Laura Ingalls Wilder left out is that her next door neighbors at the time were a family of crazed cannibal serial killers.


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