Inside a 40 Year-Old Woman’s Purse

SPONTANEANATION with Paul F. Tompkins #40 December 28, 2015

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes all, the many, the few, the high, and the low back to SPONTANEANATION! This week, Paul’s special guest is comedian/improviser/writer Eliza Skinner of Turnt Up! and The Late Late Show with James Corden! They chat about the glamour of entertainment seen through a child’s eyes, having conversations with sleeping people, and feeling frustrated by TV/movie characters in frustrating situations. Paul is then joined by Hal Lublin, Mark McConville and Jean Villepique to improvise a story set Inside a 40 Year-Old Woman’s Purse. And as always, Eban (only the best) Schletter scores it all on piano!

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