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Who Charted? #146September 18, 2013

June Diane Raphael couldn’t get enough of the charts so she joins Ku-Ku & Wie-Wie once again for a clean and tidy episode of WHO CHARTED! We learn a little bit about June’s father, what June’s pop song would be titled, and the Creative Arts Emmys as they count down Billboard’s HOT 100 Chart. Then, the Movie Chart leads to discussion about the journey of June’s upcoming film Ass Backwards, the power of Twitter, and Vin Diesel. Also, June describes how she dealt with her childhood growing pains during a round of Chart Darts!

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Howard Kremer, Kulap Vilaysack, June Diane Raphael - Biopic

Howard Kremer, Kulap Vilaysack, June Diane Raphael - June's Father

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