LIVE from Bumbershoot Pt. 1

improv4humans #99September 19, 2013

Be cool, don’t be that guy, and instead listen as Tim Meadows, Horatio Sanz, and Brian Huskey join Matt Besser for part one of a very special improv4humans recorded LIVE from Bumbershoot! Prepare yourself to hear what happens when Elvis Presley hosts a movie night, people get instantly offended by history, and Brian takes the bus for the first time. Attention humans, please go to the Earwolf forums to let us know which scenes should be in our next Best of improv4humans episode! You can now get the UCB Comedy Improv Manual, Matt Besser’s new comedy album at, and Dragoon’s new album at!

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Matt Besser, Tim Meadows, Horatio Sanz, Brian Huskey - Offensive History

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