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Who Charted? #122April 3, 2013

Brilliant comic book artist David W. Mack joins Ku-Ku and Wie-Wie in this extra delightful edition of WHO CHARTED! Kulap geeks out over David’s comic catalogue as they chat about comics, making your pecs dance, and using push ups as a medicine for anxiousness. They also discuss non-linear storytelling, summer movies that make your brain work too hard, and the cubist structure of WC. David talks about the negative reinforcement he got when he played with fire or made potato guns and he also lets out some juicy details about a possible Kabuki movie. He also talks about sewing, whooping butt at karate, and breaking down media saturation… he’s amazing. They countdown the top 5 albums on iTunes and the top 5 action movie heroines of the last thirty years. Then it’s time for a rousing game of Chart Roulette. Enjoy Chartists!

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