Mike Mitchell, Nick Wiger: The Force Awakens Minute

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus #89 July 29, 2016

Welcome back to The Force Awakens Minute with Phuck Cumson (Nick Wiger) from KickAssAndChewBubble.com and Dylan Panini (Mike Mitchell) from Birth.Eat.Movies.Cum. It’s the podcast where we analyze, scrutinize and eulogize the latest canonical Star Wars film, one minute at a time. This week they are joined by CGI specialist actress Angora Butterman aka the female Andy Serkis to delve deep into minute 18 of J.J. Abrams magnum opus as well as share stories from the set of the film in which her cut monkey character “Monk Monk” made several appearances. Plus, Traci Reardon arrives to help answer Twitter questions regarding Jar Jar, and other important Star Wars related inquiries in another edition of “Help Me, Rhonda.”

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