My Small Town Can Fit In A Building: Life in Small-Town USA

The Cracked Podcast #174 April 3, 2017

The 2016 Election made it clear that we live in an America divided.  There is a struggle between small-town and big-city America that comes down to more than just ideology. There’s a general misunderstanding of how we live life that both sides fall victim to. To one side, the cramped and cavernous nature of city streets is straight-up anxiety-inducing. To the other, it’s a surprise that dirt roads even exist at all. Didn’t we get rid of those decades ago? But if the road is made of dirt, how will the driverless Uber know where to go? This is why Trump’s President, ya’ll!

In one bubble, entertainment is taking in a show or a concert; in the other, entertainment is muddin’ or taking random pills. One isn’t better than the other. There are no judgements here. It’s just that things that are absolutely commonplace in one world are so completely alien to the people in the other.

On this week’s podcast, city-boy Jack O’Brien is joined by columnist John Cheese, who still lives in small-town Illinois, and comedian Billy Wayne Davis who grew up in rural Tennessee but now travels the world and has seen the absurdity in how both sides live. Later, John Cheese and Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) break-down their formative years in small-town Illinois and how the death of the local business turned their community into a living hell.

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