Nick Quah of Hot Pod

The Wolf Den #81 June 11, 2015

One of the podcasting industry’s leading observers, Nick Quah, is Adam’s guest on this edition of The Wolf Den. Nick is the editor of Hot Pod email newsletter, which, in less than nine months, has turned into the de facto industry journal for podcasting, becoming a must-read for just about everyone working in the industry. Nick tells Adam how listening to podcasts helped him get through a tough time, and explains what then motivated him to go from being a voracious podcast consumer to publishing his newsletter. Adam asks him about his approach to writing Hot Pod, which leads to a discussion of a situation where Nick got a hot scoop about a much-anticipated new show, and then had to wrestle with the implications and possible outcomes of breaking that news before the official announcement. Nick also shares his hopes for the medium, his predictions for what is to come, and his advice for new podcasters.

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