OC Pilot: Live from EW Pop Fest (w/ Elisha Cuthbert)

Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown #51 November 24, 2016

Casey and Danielle join the gorgeous and hilarious Elisha Cuthbert and take it back. Way the F back. To the OG OC. They revisit the pilot episode of Orange County- where it alllllll began. In a sleet private gated community called Coto de Cazo. The girls are live at EW’s PopFest in this bonus episode and Elisha is not impressed. Come back in time with them, won’t you? To when Slade was rich and Laurie worked for Vicky in her house and Donn had no idea how much his wife (‘s face) was about to change…

This episode is brought to you by Adam and Eve, NatureBox, and Madison Reed.

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