Push Ups (w/ Michael Hitchcock and Erin Whitehead live from San Francisco Sketchfest)

Hello From The Magic Tavern #99 February 13, 2017

We’re leaving on our quest in one week. But first… we talk to a butterfly and a reverse mermaid.

Arnie: Arnie Niekamp
Chunt: Adal Rifai
Usidore: Matt Young
Tabula the Butterfly: Michael Hitchcock
Erin the Reverse-Mermaid: Erin Whitehead
Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen
Craig: Ryan DiGiorgi

Producers: Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Editor: Ryan DiGiorgi
Theme Music: Andy Poland
Magic Tavern Logo: Allard Laban
Audio Assistance: Jason Knox
Production Assistance: Garrett Schultz
Photo Credits: Shawn Robbins

Special Thanks to SF Sketchfest

This episode is brought to you by ZipRecruiter (www.ziprecruiter.com/first) and Casper Mattresses (www.casper.com/magictavern code: MAGICTAVERN).

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