Romantic Comedies: The Creepiest Movie Genre

The Cracked Podcast #160 January 9, 2017

Think of every RomCom trope and the one thing that separates it from being in a horror movie instead: the music. It’s all the same mad libs game, and the outcome is always the same.

Colin Firth/Hugh Grant/Matthew McConaughey runs to the airport/apartment building/twee bakery to declare his undying love for the maid/undercover journalist/baker he just met last week. The music swells, they kiss, the girl’s less attractive best friend sighs, “oh I wish architect/surgeon/astronaut Chet Wellington could fall in love with me,” and the credits roll. But what if, instead of the swelling music, it was a single piano note being played backwards, or an old-timey phonograph blowing out a single child singing, “Ring Around the Rosie?” ‘Love Actually’ would turn into an actual horror movie. The little boy chasing the little girl through the airport would take on a new interpretation. ‘Shining 2: This Time It’s British Christmas.”

RomComs are weird like that. They take a thing most people experience (falling in love) and turn it into a warped version of reality that only abides by backwards rules: where chasing someone down is considered romantic and getting the person to like you is the hardest part, not that whole spending the next 5 decades together thing. No, that part is easy (cries self to sleep).

So this week on the podcast, Jack O’Brien is joined by Cracked editor Soren Bowie and comedian and writer Jamie Loftus from ‘The Bechdel Cast’ to talk about how RomComs get almost everything wrong and when you change just one detail, they become creepy stalker thrillers.

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