Sasheer Will Have The Salmon – LIVE

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata #163 July 26, 2022

Nicole and Sasheer are unclear on when they last saw each other, but we are here together now at the Largo! They discuss what would happen if Nicole got stolen, lying about what you had for dinner, running into the Kirkland-brand “Elion” Musk, dive into the trailer for the new show “American Gigilo” as well as the classic “Touched by an Angel.”, and should Nicole get a bird? They take a quiz to see what 90s celeb is their soulmate, discuss if you should wear underwear with leggins, and answer listener questions about whether to pick a fight with a friend, getting uninvited on google calendar to catsit, is it unreasonable to not want to pick up people from LAX, and what kind of potato are you?

Here is the quiz we took:

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