Sklarbro County 102

Sklarbro Country #197.5 May 6, 2014

Returning County champ Wayne Federman is back to give it up for fast food and so much more on today’s Sklarbro County! Wayne tells us about completing a NY marathon, why he refers to himself as a sampler of drugs, and breaks down what we can expect from his upcoming 3-CD stand-up compilation entitled “The Chronicles of Federman.” Our own Daniel Van Kirk brings in some crazy stories which include a Mandan man who lit himself on fire, ran through a car wash, and stole a car during a drug trip, a Florida man who was caught driving while masturbating, and a trio of Oregon women who were arrested for twerking outside city hall in Beaverton. Plus, we hear a special voicemail from our buddy Steven Seagal in regards to Cinco de Mayo. Make sure to head on over to Netflix to stream The Sklar Brothers’ one hour special “What Are We Talking About” right this very minute and don’t forget to cop the album available on iTunes today!


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