Sklarbro County 103

Sklarbro Country #198.5 May 13, 2014

Incredibly hilarious stand up Hasan Minhaj bears his soul with a story about meeting his longtime hero Michael Jordan on today’s Sklarbro County! Hasan also talks about how his parents are proud ashamed about his stand up career, R. Kelly in concert, and his upcoming documentary called Stand Up Planet. As always, Daniel Van Kirk brings in some crazy stories including a Washington man enlists kids to steal purses from a Chuck E. Cheese’s, a Florida man who demands the right to marry his porn-filled Apple computer, and Salt Lake City police breaking up a couple who were performing sex acts on a church lawn. Plus, NFL analyst Doug Buffone gives us the breakdown on how the Bears during the 2014 NFL draft. Check out the premiere of Hasan’s documentary Stand Up Planet on Wednesday, May 14th on PIVOT, Link TV, & KCET. Go to for more info!


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