Sklarbro County 109

Sklarbro Country #204.5 June 24, 2014

The revolution will not be televised! Sklarbro citizen Jason Nash is here to tell us about his brand new movie Jason Nash Is Married (available now on iTunes & Amazon), how he went from making fun of Rio 2 to immediately going to see it moments later, and Jason brought his mom to explain why she loves J-Lo so much. As always, Daniel Van Kirk brings in some crazy stories which include the hunt for the Boston Foot Tickler, Florida homeless couple charged with cooking meth at a library, and the tale of Crystal Metheney, the woman who shot a missile into a car in Florida. Plus, Bryant Gumbel rushes into the studio to give us all the details of his laser foot surgery. Punch some waterfalls on your way to go watch Jason’s movie Jason Nash Is Married!


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