Sklarbro County 115

Sklarbro Country #210.5 August 5, 2014

Longtime Sklar buddy and fantastic actor J.P. Manoux takes a front seat in the vehicle that is Sklarbro County! J.P. gets deep into his soccer obsession, tells us about the Los Angeles based giant scavenger hunt aka “The Game,” and talks about his time studying acting at Northwestern University with David Schwimmer. Daniel Van Kirk bring us crazy stories as always which include a Florida man who tried to wrestle an alligator, a Seattle man who went a tad overboard when trying to kill a spider in his laundry room, and a frustrated husband who created a spreadsheet detailing his wife’s reasons for rejecting sex. Plus, it’s been awhile but we check in with Mark Wahlberg in another edition of the Weekly Wahlberg!





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