Sklarbro County 43

Sklarbro Country #138.5 March 19, 2013

We have Anglo-Saxon energy invading the County as the hilarious Matt Kirshen stops by this week’s Sklarbro County! Matt chats about his time on Last Comic Standing, British comedy, and talks about how his dad tried to get him to become a 6 year old West Ham Football club hooligan. Dan Van Kirk then appears after being tailed to bring us some crazy stories such as; an Alabama man asking sheriffs to help him find his lost heroin, a drunk shoplifter yelling at Girl Scouts at a Walmart, and Florida mom calling 911 to scare her children. Plus, an absolutely crazy Dennis Rodman voicemail you don’t want to miss. Be sure to get your tickets to see Randy & Jason headline in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Improv on Saturday, March 23rd!

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