Sklarbro County 78

Sklarbro Country #173.5 November 19, 2013

Phenomenal stand-up comedian Mo Mandel brings the dude energy to Sklarbro County! Mo tells us about how a joke he made at a Mendocino Farms made things eerily awkward, having the worst 49ers fan for a father, and the one run in he had with Katherine Heigl which leads the Sklars to share their Heigl hissy fit story. Daniel Van Kirk brings in crazy stories which include a man who stranded his girlfriend with a knife wielding mugger, a Florida man who bares all with the exception of his poncho, and a Wisconsin man who calls 911 to remove a snoring woman out of his bed. Finally, the guys call up Bruce Jenner who is back in the dating scene. Make sure to check out Daniel Van Kirk’s NFL column over at and don’t forget that you can now get your tickets for the Sklar Bros one-hour special tapings at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI. Also, the brand new Sklarbro County shirt is available in the Earwolf store just in time for the holidays!

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