The Best Fictional Universe To Be a Corpse

The Cracked Podcast #135 August 1, 2016

Congratulations! You’ve died in a fictional universe where the afterlife exists! How cool is that? Aren’t you happy you’re not in the Tarantino-verse? Instead of your soul escaping to the great unknown, you get to hang out and make pottery with Whoopi Goldberg, contract the exorcism services of whatever Beetlejuice is, or get treated like vermin by a team of New York City exterminators (of indeterminate gender). 

So what will it be? What would be the best pop-culture afterlife to spend your eternity in? 

To figure that out, Jack O’Brien is joined by Cracked’s Daniel O’Brien and Michael Swaim and comedian and artist Ramin Nazer. They also discuss some of the worst afterlife scenarios from ancient religions, create their own perfect afterlife and talk about who they’d haunt if they were ghosts.

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In the muggle world, we’re not given the opportunity for a magical hat to tell us which school we should go to. Usually we just have to go to the high school closest to where we live or whatever college accepts our SAT scores and personal essay. This month, our goal is to determine what would be the best fictional school to go to.

Join Jack, Daniel, the rest of the Cracked staff and some special guests as they figure out if it’s a realistic school like Degrassi or West Beverly High, or an institution from a fantasy world like Hogwarts with its ghosts and dementors, or Bayside High, haunted by a monster known only to humans as ‘Screech.’

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Ray Kurzweil : The Coming Singularity:

Simon Rich: “What In God’s Name”:

Ramin Nazer  : “After You Die”:

Rob Bryanton: “Imagining the Tenth Dimension”:

The Fox Sisters and the Rap on Spiritualism:

Andy Weir: “The Egg”:

Christopher Moore: “Lamb”

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