The Los Feliz Daycare Podcast

Earwolf Presents #129 October 20, 2019

On the Los Feliz Daycare Podcast, lead education/emotional guru, Jason Shapiro, sits down with Gayle Carnegie-Mellon Caruso (yogi, documentary filmmaker, and parent (witness) of June Carter Cash Carnegie-Mellon Caruso, 159 weeks) to answer your voicemail questions.

Gayle is co chair of the Committee to Unpack White Privilege Knapsacks, and co chair of SNACK TIME, and co chair of the Committee Against Chairs.  You can see him in the bright orange vest, directing traffic every Tuesday and Thursday at LFDC. His two latest documentaries could be seen on SEESO before it went out of business.

You can follow Los Feliz Daycare on Twitter @LosFelizDaycare and on Instagram @LosFelizDaycare. Gayle Carnegie-Mellon Caruso asked that you follow Thomas Lennon @ThomasLennon.

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