Twitter Alien @JonnySun On Creativity, Comedy, And Coping

The Cracked Podcast #200 August 28, 2017

Jonny Sun is Twitter-famous. Not in a Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber sort of way. He’s Weird Twitter-famous. He’s got half a million followers and he did it the hard way, by inhabiting the character of Jomny Sun, an alien visiting earth without any friends or a solid grasp of spelling in the English language.

Jonny’s now a published author, a playwright and an architect, he’s coded two of Twitter’s most popular bot accounts, oh, and he’s  studying for his doctorate at a little place called MIT. Heard of it?

Dude is super smart, super funny and while normal people like us have to practice and study to get better at things, he probably learns like Trinity in The Matrix learning how to fly a helicopter. So this week Alex Schmidt and Daniel O’Brien are joined by Jonny in-studio to talk about his book full of typos, juggling being an author-internet celebrity-architect-playwright and the state of internet cultures in 2017.

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