Whale Watching Boat

SPONTANEANATION with Paul F. Tompkins #129 September 11, 2017

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes everyone with his real voice to Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special return guests are Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher of Put Your Hands Together and Take My Wife! They chat about what movie they have lied about seeing, Rhea admitting that she has never seen Contact, and the levels of the video game GoldenEye 007. Then, they are joined by improvisers Eugene Cordero, Chris Tallman, and Nicole Parker, to improvise a story set in a Whale Watching Boat. And as always, Eban (only the best) Schletter scores it all on piano!

This episode is brought to you by Mack Weldon (www.mackweldon.com code: PFT), Indochino (www.indochino.com code: PFT), Mission to Zyxx, Second City Training Center (www.secondcity.com/TC).

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