Who Charted at LA PODFEST!!!

Who Charted? #203 October 22, 2014

Howard and Kulap are joined by Matt Jones in this up close and personal episode of Who Charted, that comes to us straight from the LA PODFEST!!! When it’s live, anything can happen, and it does! We start with Howard explaining the most important ingredient to any successful meditation process, followed by the rhyme and reason behind the transformation of John Mellencamp’s musical identity. Plus, the gang explains why the world watches movies due to issues that we all have with our fathers. Finally, in a can’t miss moment, Matt Jones reveals his list of “b side” comedy movies that you’ve never seen, but that will change your lives forever. And for the finale, Howard takes us on a musical journey, preceded by a quick game of “Shredstaurant,” the legendary restaurant game where every food, every comment, and every moment is accompanied by a mind blowing guitar lick.


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