Why Society Is Very Bad At Helping People Choose Jobs

The Cracked Podcast #196 August 7, 2017

Do you know what you want to do with the rest of your life? Well the good news is nobody really knows. You’re not alone! The bad news is you were supposed to know by age 13 or so. And if you didn’t know back then, society’s been watching you flail around ever since. We’re a nation of human beings, facing more change and “economic anxiety” than ever before. And if you look close enough, you’ll realize the answer to that problem has a lot less to do with border walls and coal jobs, and a lot more to do with welcoming immigrants, encouraging adaptability, and rethinking our entire educational system.

On this week’s podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) and Kristi Harrison, to point out our ongoing national crisis of mis-preparation derailing the lives of America’s teenagers, middle-aged parents, and everybody in between.

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