Why You Don’t Know What You Look Like

The Cracked Podcast #27 March 24, 2014

Have you ever wondered why everyone on Earth knew how crazy post-surgery Michael Jackson looked except Michael Jackson? If you’ve ever come into work with a terrible pimple or smudged makeup (that made you look like a clown) and been shocked when no one else noticed, you already know the world sees you differently than you see you. Cracked editors Jack O’Brien, Tom Reimann and Jason Pargin (aka David Wong) talk about why that is, and how deep down we’re all hardwired for narcissism.


From the woman who won’t go outside without makeup to the antisocial nerd who looks at something as simple as a “party” with unqualified dread, we’re all obsessed with creating an image — and that image changes who we are. People who take Botox injections actually feel less emotion! The “Superman Pose” makes you more confident! Biker gangs dress for the part, and then start acting like it. For more ‘”Douchebag Yoga” tips and a look at how much style changes substance, throw on your headphones and click play above.


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