Aaron Jackson

Aaron is an actor, writer and comedian based in New York. With Josh Sharp, he’s optioned a screenplay of their musical, “Fucking Identical Twins” to 20th Century Fox. Currently at UCB, you can see Aaron on the improv teams ‘Rumpleteaser’ and “We WIll Turn You Gay.’ Previous UCB credits include the shows he co-wrote: ‘Fucking Identical Twins: A Musical,’ and ‘Erik Dies, You’re Stupid and We Hate You.’ Other shows: What I Did For Love, Harold Night, Maude Night, ‘Newsadoosies’, the UCB Touring Company, and the now defunct, world-famous 3 For All competition, a show he proudly co-hosted with perennial favorites, Big Fat Fatties.

Guest Appearances

When They Go Manolo, We Go Manohigh (w/ Aaron Jackson, Josh Sharp)

Dr Gameshow #5November 15, 2017

Aaron Jackson & Josh Sharp (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper) join Jo and Manolo to play listener-submitted games with callers.  Games played: Give This Person A Nickname, Gene Genie, and Time Travel Party Planner.  

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