Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler is an actress who most people probably recognize from Friends, but you geeks probably know best from Archer. She was also briefly the host of Talk Soup and has appeared in shows like CSI: Miami, Nip/Tuck, Reno 911, and Ghost Whisperer on which she was a series regular. She also performs stand-up probably because she got tired of being so great at acting and hosting and needed something else to be great at.

Guest Appearances

Maggie's Dawn

Black List Table Reads #303February 16, 2017

Please enjoy the third Earmovie of Season 3, “Maggie’s Dawn” written by Blaine Tyler. It stars Aisha Tyler, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Wade Williams, Jamie McShane, Blake Hood, Brett Dalton, Brian Wade, Blaine Tyler, and Daniel Hagen (narrator).


Aisha Tyler

Join Kevin as he sits down with actress, comedian, and author Aisha Tyler (Archer, The Talk) to discus her vast career. Aisha chats about her beginnings in stand up comedy, directing her first film, and her father’s amusing words of wisdom.


Why Can't we be the Black Girl from "Friends"?

Sklarbro Country #299April 22, 2016

Comedian Aisha Tyler joins the Sklars and discusses the intricacies of marriage and divorce. They also talk about why people's goals change over time and Aisha's unique process behind her upcoming film. Contribute to her Kickstarter for the movie at Later,…


Aisha Tyler of Girl On Guy

The Wolf Den #67November 20, 2014

Adam’s guest is the multi-talented actress, comedian, and author Aisha Tyler. Many listeners may know her best for the very popular Girl On Guy podcast, which she hosts and produces. In this conversation Aisha shares how she started out just wanting to be…


Action Movies

Professor Blastoff #176October 7, 2014

Do you love the Bourne and Matrix trilogies? Today's episode is made for you! Aisha Tyler is in the hatch today to talk to Tig, Kyle, and David about her love of action movies. They cover many of the popular films in…


Girl On Girl!

Totally Laime #229June 20, 2014

Not sure how we convinced (tricked?) the busiest woman in entertainment to come our lil show but boy oh boy are we glad we did! The gorgeous and hilarious AISHA TYLER came on to discuss the most adorable reason for being arrested…


Dirty Talking Droopy Dog

Sklarbro Country #157July 26, 2013

Nerdy lady energy alert! The lovely and hilarious Aisha Tyler returns to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Aisha tells us what it’s like working on so many shows like The Talk & Whose Line Is It Anyway, shares a story of…


The Beauty Episode

Sklarbro Country #50July 8, 2011

It's been a big news week and yes, we will get to all the major current events. Not only do we cover the bisexual softball controversy and Boris Becker's gardening battle, but we have Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest runner-up Patrick Bertoletti…

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