Alex Blumberg

Alex Blumberg is an American producer for the public radio and television versions of This American Life.

Guest Appearances

Alex Blumberg, Our Live Helper at Being the Best Podcast at the Live Show

The boys do a live show at VultureFest in New York City's historic Casper Podcast Lounge, and execute their plan to become the number-one podcast on iTunes with the help of podcast guru ALEX BLUMBERG.


Highlights from 6 Years of The Wolf Den

The Wolf Den #99February 18, 2016

Just before The Wolf Den hits its 100th episode milestone, Adam takes a brief listen back to relive some highlights in what's been an exciting six years in the evolution and growth of Midroll, and podcasting. Adam shares early clips from podcast…


Alex Blumberg, Co-founder and CEO of Gimlet Media

The Wolf Den #77April 16, 2015

Public radio veteran Alex Blumberg returns to The Wolf Den, nearly a year after he told then-host Jeff Ullrich about his plans for a new podcasting company. Now Alex is the co-founder and CEO of Gimlet Media, which produces the popular StartUp and…


Alex Blumberg of This American Life

The Wolf Den #57May 8, 2014

Public radio producer Alex Blumberg enters The Wolf Den to discuss the entrepreneurial future of audio journalism. Alex is a long-standing producer for This American Life and the co-founder of the NPR podcast and radio program Planet Money. He tells Jeff about…

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