Alex Blumberg

Alex Blumberg is an American producer for the public radio and television versions of This American Life.

Guest Appearances

Alex Blumberg, Co-founder and CEO of Gimlet Media

The Wolf Den #77April 16, 2015

Public radio veteran Alex Blumberg returns to The Wolf Den, nearly a year after he told then-host Jeff Ullrich about his plans for a new podcasting company. Now Alex is the┬áco-founder and CEO of Gimlet Media, which produces the popular StartUp and…


Alex Blumberg of This American Life

The Wolf Den #57May 8, 2014

Public radio producer Alex Blumberg enters The Wolf Den to discuss the entrepreneurial future of audio journalism. Alex is a long-standing producer for This American Life and the co-founder of the NPR podcast and radio program Planet Money. He tells Jeff about…

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