Alie Ward

Alison Ann Ward is a writer, a painter, and an American TV actress. Ward has written for L.A. Weekly and the L.A. Times. She has also achieved notoriety from her Alie and Georgia online videos, where she and her close friend, Georgia Hardstark, offer up their recipes for some rather odd culinary concoctions, such as the infamous McNuggetini.

Guest Appearances

Summah Semantics

Who Charted? #133June 19, 2013

The aptly named "Queens of Cocktail" and "Slumber Party" podcast hosts Alie Ward & Georgia Hardstark stop by the studio to count down the charts with Howard and post-Bonnaroo Kulap on this weeks WHO CHARTED! The pair share details on their new…


Just Say No To Cruise Ship Corpse!

Totally Laime #166April 5, 2013

She's a food and fun phenom and Elizabeth has a full on girl crush on her - ALIE WARD of Alie and Georgia on The Cooking Channel came on and talked about getting mugged, finding your path, and why LA + ME…

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