Andree Vermeulen

Andree Vermeulen is an actress in the group Oh, Brother! that performs sketch comedy on Maude Night at UCBTLA.

Guest Appearances

Lucky Crows!

Totally Laime #226May 30, 2014

She's a ray of sunshine as well as a fantastic improvisor, actor and one of the stars of TBS's upcoming "Angie Tribeca" created by Steve Carell! ANDREE VERMULEN is back to discuss spiritual awakening, her underwhelming reaction to the news she's been…


Call Me 'Dree!

Totally Laime #38October 21, 2010

She's fresh faced and fancy free and okay, she's a bit of a comedy savant. And by a bit we do mean a TOTAL COMEDY GENIUS! Keep your eyes peeled for this one - ANDREE VERMULEN! Her impersonations are spot on hilarious,…

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